GENERAL QUESTIONSThis category is for general questions like registration and invoices, and etc... CRM questions

Welcome To ALL IN ONE-BENIN | Registration

If you are a new learner and you would like to register to start your Classes, then, you will have to go our Official Website and click on "INSCRIPTION" on the Home page. Alternatively, you can use this link :  

If you would like to view and manage all your Invoices, Your Payments, etc.  with the possibility to create and submit Tickets, Proposals, Quotations, and have our staff members interact with you on your activities with ALL IN ONE-BENIN, you will need to also register on :

If you are newly learner of ALL IN ONE-BENIN, you will have to be invited by one of our staff Members. Please contact a staff member to send you invitation.   

Step 1 : Download Slack for your device (computer or phone or tablet). You can go on this link: .  

Step 2 : Install Slack. 

Step 3 : Open your Mailbox and search for Slack Mail invitation. 

Step 4 : Click JOIN button and open with Slack previously downloaded. 

Step 5 : Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the set up.  

That's it ! You are on Slack.

If you try to sign in into your Slack and it did not work, You will have to reset your password. To do so :

  1. Click the reset password/forgot password link.
  2. Then, type the email you used to register on Slack
  3. Finally, check your Mailbox for instructions to follow to create a new password

Payment to ALL IN ONE-BENIN via MOOV MONEY :   

  1. Dial *155#. 
  2. Choose 1. 
  3. Again, Choose 1. 
  4. And again Choose 1. 
  5. Now, type our MOOV Mobile Number : 95-88-89-64. 
  6. Confirm the number : 95-88-89-64. 
  7. Type the amount. 
  8. Type your Pin Code.